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Menorrhagia – Symptoms

December 21, 2020


A symptom of Menorrhagia includes heavy bleeding essentially. And heavy bleeding is when your menstrual cycle lasts more than seven days. And or if you’re having to change pads and, or tampons more than every three hours, or I should say more frequently than every three hours. In a sense, if you have to double up on your pads or on two pads or have to wear a pad and a tampon, if you’re having accidents in your clothes, are afraid to wear white because you don’t know what’s going to happen, or you have to change your bedding because you have accidents in your bedding, things like that are the typical symptoms of a menorrhagia. You can have pain or no pain, but essentially menorrhagia is heavy bleeding. And that’s the symptomatology that you have with that.

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