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Menorrhagia – Testing

December 21, 2020


In regards to us evaluating you really, and truly when you give me a good history or any physician, a good history or provider, stating that you have had bleeding for more than seven days, or you are having to double up on sanitary wear, pads, menstrual pads, and or tampons, and are wearing both or one or the other together, then I’m already in the process of diagnosing you with menorrhagia. Now, my job is to try to figure out why are you bleeding like this? So what we do is we do a series of evaluations. We evaluate you by what we see on your exam. I’m looking for various features that can help to align us with what your diagnosis or what your etiology or cause of the bleeding is. We also will do some lab work that will help us to maybe identify the cause of your bleeding. And we will get an ultrasound because the ultrasound is the most sensitive test for the GYN structures. So that is preferential to a CT and MRI. For certain conditions, we will get a CT or MRI, but our first choice for gynecological evaluation is an ultrasound.

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