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Migraine – MRA, MRI, Lumbar Puncture, EEG

February 22, 2022


“I may or may not do an MRA of the brain and/or the neck, which is blood vessels – to check the blood vessels of the brain and neck. That depends on the history the patient gives me. I sometimes do an MRI of the cervical spine (the neck spine), again – it depends on the history the patient gives me. If their headaches tend to come from the neck upward or are triggered by certain neck movements, I may consider doing that. I may consider doing a lumbar puncture depending on the history the patient gives me or the type of headaches they’re having – positional, stuff like that. If it’s an atypical headache or there’s a very strange presentation, I may consider doing an EEG. The diagnosis is made basically by clinical exam and ruling out any other possible causes to headaches or head pain.

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