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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury – Overview

December 15, 2020


Many of us want to know about what types of traumatic brain injury are there? How do we classify them? And the most common is what we call the mild traumatic brain injury or MTBI. And it is the most common with about 90% of the injuries being in this particular category in those who are most active, those 20 to 40 years old. With mild traumatic brain injury, there may be no loss of consciousness whatsoever. Dazed appearance may may happen. You may not know exactly where you are at the time, or you may have a loss of consciousness for up to a few minutes, but it is not something that lasts in terms of the alteration of your consciousness. Moderate is a little bit less common, and those are individuals who may have up to 20 minutes loss of consciousness to a few hours. And then the last is of course, the severe traumatic brain injury, which is often in, you know, major motor vehicle accidents. So we have mild, moderate, and severe, mild TBI being absolutely the most common.

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