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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Course of Action

November 3, 2021


So the way that you diagnose a person with narcissistic personality disorder is basically through an interview. An interview with a professional, a mental health professional. And they will actually look at how that person perceives their role in life. We know this is a person that has an exaggerated self importance, it is a person that that exhibits extreme envy of others. So, and looking at their function in life. So once that is established that this person is having a very difficult time with interpersonal relationships, which can be a manifestation of a narcissistic personality disorder, the next form is actually treatment. And the treatment that’s recommended is talk therapy. Talk therapy can be short-term, to deal with an acute stress that the person may be suffering from, or the treatment can be actually long-term to help deal with the chronic sense of emptiness that the person may be exhibiting. And also as a way to kind of help maintain that person to be able to develop stronger interpersonal relationships. In addition to that, why a therapist is important is that the person with the narcissistic personality disorder, they may be more vulnerable to developing other disorders such as substance use disorders. Hence, having a substance use disorder, treatment may be needed to actually address that part of the individual that suffers from narcissistic personality disorder.

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