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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Risk Factors

November 3, 2021


So some of the risk factors would be having a parent that has their own mental health disorders. Maybe a parent that also has a substance use disorder. Having parents that may not necessarily be very empathic towards the needs of the growing child. And as a result, the child, their brain is underdeveloped, will actually learn or modify behavior that may seem soothing to them but in the long run is not very helpful. So I think a lot of the core problem is, disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder really starts as young people. And it just further develops as they grow older. And you start to notice the narcissistic personality disorder at work, in school, as adults, trying to form a relationship, whether it’s romantic or professionally, people just are not able to truly understand individuals around them. So as a result of this, even though the narcissistic personality disorder person is a very difficult person to deal with, but underlying all of this is a profoundly vulnerable individual.

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