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Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Treatment

November 8, 2021


And the type of treatment that we’re talking about is usually talk therapy. Psychoanalysis is a great way to actually address a narcissistic personality disorder. Another thing about narcissistic personality disorder is that many people that do have narcissistic personality disorder, they also have comorbid traits. So some of the other traits that they may exhibit with narcissistic personality disorder is, one: substance use disorder, and other disorders would be the mood disorders, depression, anxiety. So those are some common diagnoses that tend to be related to the individual that suffers from the narcissistic personality disorder. Key thing that one needs to remember is that sometimes in our society, amongst the lay press, the lay society, the general society, is that we use these terms almost in a demeaning manner. So they’ll say, “Oh, so-and-so is a narcissist. So-and-so is this.” Again, this is a real medical diagnosis. And the person that suffers from narcissistic personality disorder is an individual that is in immense pain. So I think it’s maybe very difficult when you’re dealing with this person one to one. This person is a family member, this person is someone that you work with, or this person is an ex. But I think the key thing to remember at the end of the day that these people are very hurt. They’re very fragile.

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