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Narcolepsy – Associated Conditions

October 30, 2020


Other conditions that are commonly associated with narcolepsy include obesity while they’re not directly related. It makes sense. Then when we feel very exhausted, very tired during the day that we tend to reach for foods that contain sugar and fats and even caffeine. So people with narcolepsy kind of self-treat with sugar to give themselves a boost of energy. Unfortunately, if your diet is made up of soda and candy bars, this tends to lead to obesity and frequently obesity can lead to other problems like hypertension, diabetes, and even obstructive sleep apnea, another common sleep disorder, which can cause daytime fatigue as well. Another thing that may occur is that patients with narcolepsy may develop depression. There’s a higher incidence of that, partly because of their disease state itself, but also some of those alerting neuro-transmitters in the head also give us energy. And if we don’t have enough energy, our mood may be low and depression is a common side effect.

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