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Narcolepsy – Sleep Paralysis

October 30, 2020


There’s sleep paralysis. So when we all normally dream at night, our brains are very active and of course her eyes are rapidly moving. Our lungs are breathing in our diaphragm and our heart is beating, but our large skeletal muscles, the arms, the legs, the chest, and the back are actually paralyzed. This is a good thing because if you’re dreaming and you’re dreaming that you’re running, you would literally run in your bed. And so while the rest of us dream, we are pretty much paralyzed when narcoleptics dream they’re paralyzed too, but there may be a difficulty stopping the paralysis. So they’re actually awake, but they can’t move. They can breathe. Their eyes can move and their hearts of course will continue to beat, but they cannot move their arms and legs. So they’re awake, but stuck in this paralysis. Again, certainly it could be frightening. It may last for just a few moments or a few minutes, but it’s another hallmark part of narcolepsy.

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