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Nasal Congestion – Nasal Turbinate Enlargement

May 5, 2021


Similarly, nasal turbinate enlargement can cause nasal blockage. Turbinates are internal nasal skin folds that humidify, warm and regulate the flow of inspired air on both sides of the nose. When frequently inflamed over time, the turbinate soft tissue and the internal bone can enlarge, taking up even more space in the nose and causing blockage. A condition called inferior turbinate hypertrophy. This can also be addressed surgically by reducing the size of the turbinates carefully, while preserving their important functions. I perform this in a minimally invasive fashion as well, through the nostrils, without external incisions. Again, utilizing small endoscopes and micro instruments to assure that the nasal passages are adequately opened for adequate breathing. More often than not a septoplasty and a turbinate reduction will be performed concurrently in the same setting. These procedures, along with sinus surgery, happen to be the most common procedures I perform as a sinus and nasal specialist, by far.

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