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Nasal Polyps – Follow-Ups

November 29, 2021


After discharge from the hospital or ambulatory center, you’ll be seen in the office on a weekly basis. The post-operative care after sinus surgery and polyp removal is going to require weekly visits with me or your sinus surgeon. Your sinuses are going to need to be suctioned and cleaned out. Crusting will be removed in the office. All of this is done to maintain your sinus cavities and make sure they stay pitant. Topical steroids is commonly used post-operatively. These are going to be applied to your nasal irrigations, and we’re going to ask you to irrigate twice daily. XHANCE, that nasal spray that’s used to control polyps, is often used post-operatively and done on a regular basis. And once you’re completely healed, you’ll be seen in the office every three to four months to keep an eye on you, make sure your sinus cavities are clear, and make sure that there’s no polypy growth.

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