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Nasal Polyps – Recurrence

November 29, 2021


Despite surgery, there’s a certain number of patients that, some point down the line, will have recurrent nasal polyps. For those patients who have recurrent polyps that has difficulty breathing and they’ve tried the medications that haven’t worked, I’ll often offer them polyp removal in the office under local anesthesia. A lot of people do elect to have this done because it’s very convenient. Topical anesthetic is used and then an office shaver is used to remove the polyps. They end up having immediate improvement with their breathing, and then they’re seeing post-operatively. So oftentimes I’ll remove the polyps in the office and then add to that additional medications that will help control and prevent the polyps from regrowing. We talked about XHANCE nasal spray is one of them. Saline irrigations are done on a regular basis for these patients. And you’ll be irrigating at least twice a day with saline. And oftentimes I’ll add a medication to the saline called budesonide, which is a topical steroid medication. And all this will coat the nasal polyps, coat the sinuses, and help them shrink over time.

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