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Neurology Channel – Introduction

January 27, 2021


Patient education is critical to provide patients and their families reassurance, access to resources and the ability to prepare for the future. During my 14 years of practice, I have witnessed an explosion of information available on the internet. Unfortunately, much of that information is provided without any context or practice experience, and therefore can be misleading, inaccurate, or overly technical. I started working with Doctorpedia because the information presented on its channels is reviewed curated and created by physicians in clinical practice. The information is presented in a way that is both informative as well as accurate because the videos are formatted like the conversations I have with patients and their families in the clinic or hospital every day. The information is extremely relevant. Due to numerous factors, patients may only recall one fifth of the content of their medical encounters. Doctorpedia provides a trusted source of information doctors can refer patients to, in order to improve their understanding of their diagnosis and treatment. Besides providing easy access to information regarding current diagnostic tools and treatments, there are numerous articles about research in the future of neurology. For those looking for additional information. Doctorpedia provides links to reliable and trusted websites recommended and vetted by physicians. Thank you for visiting the Doctorpedia neurology channel.

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