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Nose Job – How to get Insurance

July 27, 2021


When it comes to rhinoplasty, it can be a complex world, specifically when dealing with insurance. And I’m here to help guide you through that. The first most important thing to understand is insurance will only pay for not aesthetic surgery, but functional surgery. And what you need to do as a patient is understand what they mean by functional surgery. Anything that affects your breathing is considered functional surgery. Now, just because the work needs to be done inside of your nose, in certain circumstances, a surgeon will need to do a more extensive approach that accesses the entire nasal structure in order to improve your breathing. In cases such as trauma or reconstructive surgery, this is specifically what we’re talking about. The things that the insurance company are looking for is specifically documentation from your surgeon about the inside of your nose, from pictures and photographs to CAT scans and a detailed internal nasal exam. They’re also going to want to know that you’ve tried non-surgical treatments such as nose sprays, and be sure that your insurance can verify that you’ve tried that, from surgical documentation to prescriptions. The most important thing is making sure that your insurance has provided a prior authorization so you know that they will pay for it prior to going into surgery.

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