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Pediatric Neurology – Headaches

October 17, 2021


Other diagnoses that are common in child neurology are the things that are common in everybody in neurology. One is headaches. We see tons of children with headaches, especially adolescents. Most, I think in the end, have migraines. And we treat them initially by treating their lifestyle. By improving sleep and hygiene and fluid. When I say sleep and hygiene, I mean, sleep hygiene, not the cleanliness, but rather that they sleep better and drink lots of fluid and not have their cell phones on all night so they don’t sleep. And that, believe it or not, helps most kids with headaches. But we see a lot of headaches, and most of them are very easy to treat and get better quite readily. And I find that patients with migraines are kind of are fun to see because they get better and they don’t need a whole lot of testing or whole lot of anything, and usually lifestyle changes improve these children. Sometimes they do need medication, but usually they don’t and they do well.

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