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Pediatric Neurology – High Blood Pressure

October 19, 2021


Kids that have high blood pressure probably do have changes in the brain, mild ones, but it does seem to affect learning and cognitive function. So the treatment of high blood pressure in kids becomes much more compelling where that too wasn’t known before. In fact, I think even 10 or 15 years ago, people thought that high blood pressure in children didn’t really exist unless it was a major acute thing. So now we’re learning that mild high blood pressure may not be good for the brain and we treat it much more aggressively. So there are all kinds of things that we do that are preventative and are novel and new that we could only have imagined when I first started 40 years ago. And that basically summarizes it. We’re in a very exciting field in a very exciting place, Brooklyn, and we are privileged to take care of our patients here in our communities. Thank you.

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