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Pediatric Neurology – Medical Innovations

October 17, 2021


The things that are happening in neurology and in pediatric neurology have been profound and almost like science fiction. These are things that we never could have imagined doing certainly 40 years ago, not even 20 years ago. But doing gene therapy to cure a disease that was ultimately fatal is quite amazing. And when I went into child neurology and pediatric neurology, I don’t think we were even close to thinking about such things. These were just sort of even dreams to be thought about, actually curing, potentially curing this disease. So it’s become a very exciting field and we can do many more things than we could. Finally, it’s also a privilege to take care of patients and take care of chronic illnesses and improve outlook in patients that have chronic illnesses. It’s even more fun to take care of a patient and make them better and they go away and they don’t have to follow you. But even with patients with chronic illnesses, we can be very supportive and helpful, and it’s a privilege to become part of these families. So that basically summarizes what a pediatric neurologist does in Brooklyn and everywhere in the country. And it’s really quite a privilege to do that.

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