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Pelvic Pain Treatments

January 30, 2021


“The treatments for pelvic pain are obviously focused on what’s causing the pelvic pain, but that can be complicated. And so some of the treatments may involve looking at the bladder, making sure that there’s hydration. After infections have been treated, are there certain foods, are there certain drinks? Are there certain ways that the bladder is being irritated? For example, we know that alcohol will contribute to a contraction or an irritation of the bladder. So if some people have a beer or glass of wine, they may have bladder pain that occurs after that even if there is no infection. We think about things like constipation, which very often goes undiagnosed or untreated. And if we clear out the bowels with proper bowel care, then we know that we can often cure or eliminate or at least reduce pelvic pain. And then we think about the reproductive organs.

So anything that would reduce pain during periods or reduce uterine pain, like an anti-inflammatory or anything that would lead to ovarian suppression, like a birth control pill or a hormonal contraceptive that can reduce the ovulation of the ovaries and therefore reduce the cysts that are formed in the ovaries. That may also contribute to reducing or eliminating pelvic pain. So really, the treatment of pelvic pain is focused at on the organs in the pelvis and helping to determine which of those organs may be contributing or potentially multiple organs creating a constellation of symptoms. So either way, making sure that you have the appropriate history, physical examination and laboratory investigations to rule out any significant pathology or concern. And then to start down the road of finding out what makes your pelvic pain better.”

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