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Pituitary Tumor – Overview

November 10, 2020


Pituitary tumors are benign overgrowth of the anterior part or forward part of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland controls all of the hormonal functions of the patient’s body. These tumors typically present with headaches, changes in hormone function and visual loss. As they get larger, hormone function changes can result in such symptoms as increased energy, decreased energy changes in hat or ring size, nipple discharge of milk. And right now dysfunction. 65% of pituitary tumors, secrete active hormones, and the specific type of hormone determines the symptoms that the patient has. The majority of these tumors grow very slowly and are hence considered elective surgical cases. About 1% of the time, the tumors can have bleeding into them. And that condition caused apolpexy. Pituitary apoplexy presents with severe headaches and vision loss. And it is an emergency. There is no environmental or lifestyle related risks for getting a pituitary tumor. A very small subgroup of pituitary tumors are related to genetics and a disease subtype called multi endocrine neoplasias, M E N for short, if left untreated pituitary tumors slowly grow and cause vision loss and further problems down the line.

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