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Pituitary Tumor – Recovery

November 10, 2020


As we’ve discussed, these are likely benign tumors of the skull base that are usually resected through the nostril. The majority of patients do well from the surgery and the recovery is quite good. By about three months, most patients are back to full activity, including heavy lifting exercise, and full-time work about 10% of patients will require long-term hormonal replacements, either by pills that they ingest or by nostril sprays. 5% of patients will be burdened by chronic sinus problems. And some of these will have to see ear nose, throat specialist, as a result. Pituitary tumor surgery is covered by most insurance companies and it is considered a moderate risk surgery for this disease process. Despite the tumor being deep inside the skull and at the bottom of the brain advances of modern technology have made the ability to access and remove these tumors substantially better.

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