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Pituitary Tumor – Visual Dysfunction

January 27, 2022


One of the findings with pituitary tumors that get big enough or visual dysfunction. And it’s not blurry vision, so it’s like somebody goes to an eye chart and says, “Hey, you know, I can’t read 20/20.” In fact it is 2020. But it’s more akin to maybe people, think of tunnel vision, but what, what really is, is they can’t see the peripheral part of their vision on either eye, and so that’s the kind of visual deficit they get, not, oh, you know, I need glasses to fix this type of visual disturbance. Of course, if you let it keep growing and it’s completely untreated, even blindness can result because eventually, all of the signals that are trying to get to the brain from the eyes get lost. So that’s one set of symptoms, if it grows up.

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