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Pregnancy and COVID-19: Overview

October 30, 2020


We know that COVID-19 is likely going to be around for a very long time and we have to live our lives. And if you are pregnant and you do contract COVID-19, we know the risks are probably low. That there’s a really good chance everything will go just fine. We have however, seen some science to show that in pregnancy, the severity of the infection could be worse. In other words, if you’re pregnant with COVID-19, you could end up with more severe of an infection. We have seen an increase in risk for mechanical ventilation or being needed to put on a ventilator. And we have seen increased risk of admission to the intensive care unit for pregnant women who contract COVID-19. We’ve also seen some rare cases of vertical transmission, meaning transmission from a COVID positive mom to her baby in utero. And we haven’t yet sorted out all the details of how that transmission or how often that transmission does occur. So the bottom line is if you don’t have COVID-19 and you’re pregnant, do your very best not to get it. If you do have COVID-19 or you contract COVID-19 during pregnancy, make sure that you definitely contact your healthcare provider. If you’re concerned, or you have symptoms, you get testing so that you can know if you’re positive and you can get the appropriate care and surveillance that will help mitigate any of those risks of severe infection.

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