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Pregnancy and COVID-19: Prevention

October 30, 2020


If you’re pregnant and you’re concerned about COVID-19 you absolutely should be taking every possible precaution not to contract COVID-19. So if you’re COVID-19 negative and you’re pregnant, make sure that you do whatever you can to avoid getting that infection. You want to make sure that you’re self isolating as much as you can. Staying home, working from home, staying away from anyone who may be able to transmit the infection. And in a lot of cases, transmission is asymptomatic. Meaning you don’t necessarily know who has the infection. You could be out grocery shopping or doing errands, and you could come across someone who may transmit COVID-19 to you and you would never know it. So the more that you can stay away, the more that you can socially distance, the more that you can work from home or stay home and self isolate the better. And if you do have to go out, making sure that you do everything you can to protect yourself with proper face covering with hand sanitizer, or washing your hands, washing your hands for at least 20 to 30 seconds, using a hand sanitizer that has approximately 60 to 95% alcohol component. And making sure that you take off any clothes after you get home, if that’s appropriate to do so. And just disinfecting surfaces and being careful what you touch.

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