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Pregnancy and Exercise

October 30, 2020


“Exercise is really important before, during and after pregnancy. So if you’re in really good physical condition, there’s a good chance that you can continue your exercise routine in your pregnancy. So you may want to ask your healthcare provider, but if you’re doing low intensity, cardio, long duration type of walking or even jogging or bike riding or swimming is really good, those kinds of activities are very safe. Remember your baby’s encased in an amniotic fluid sac. That’s protecting it from all that jarring and moving around. Things you want to avoid is taking on a new exercise program. If you’re maybe not in really great shape, you don’t want to do that while you’re pregnant, or if you do, you want to do it very slowly at the beginning and under the guidance of your healthcare provider, you don’t want to do any contact sports or high-intensity or jarring activities that would create a real impact for the baby, or might get you in trouble.

If you were to bang into something or have a crash, check with somebody beside you. Like if you’re trying to play hockey while you’re pregnant, those kinds of things, you don’t want to do anything. That’s going to really jar you or really create a lot of impact for the baby. But other activities are generally very safe. If it’s really hot and humid, you want to make sure your electrolytes are replaced and you want to be really, really well hydrated. But other than that, you really want to continue with some form of exercise during pregnancy, and also after you deliver and taking the baby on a jog and a jogging stroller, or having the baby outside so that you can both stay active is not just good for your health and good for your baby’s health, but also really good role modeling.”

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