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Pregnancy and OTC Medication

October 30, 2020


Over the counter medications should be taken with caution and with the advice of your healthcare provider. So if you’re looking to take anything over the counter for symptom relief, make sure you talk to your doctor. So certain cold remedies would not be okay to take during pregnancy while others may be safe. And so it’s really important to look at the ingredients, the active ingredients, and to talk to your healthcare provider or to use a call in line or a reputable internet site to make sure you get that information. Tylenol is one of those things that’s known to be safe to take during pregnancy inappropriate dosages over the counter prenatal vitamins. Most of the time are also known to be safe, to take during pregnancy. And it’s really important to be taking full like acid or making sure that you get enough folic acid in your prenatal vitamin prior to conceiving and throughout your pregnancy to protect your baby from neural tube defects or spinal bifida. It’s also important to be getting enough vitamin D to be getting little bit of sunshine, to help with vitamin D. And also if you have low iron to making sure you get enough iron, which is often in your prenatal vitamin, other than that, make sure you talk to your doctor before taking anything in your pregnancy.

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