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Pregnancy: Emergency Consultation

October 30, 2020


Bleeding in the second trimester can be normal, but only if it’s very light intermittent, or a little bit of spotting, if there’s any heavy bleeding or any clotting that goes with that bleeding or cramping and pain or other symptoms of concern, then bleeding is not normal. And you have to talk to your healthcare provider about that. What would be some of the reasons that you should go to your emergency room or call your doctor for any emergency consultation? Those would be things like heavy bleeding, abdominal cramping, or sharp cramping, things like a seizure, which could indicate preeclampsia or eclampsia. If you have a headache, blurred vision, if you have really bad trouble seeing, or your headache is something that you’re not used to, those are the kinds of things that may indicate a worsening problem in pregnancy. And you absolutely need to go see your doctor right away for some of those more emergent concerns.

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