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Premature Ejaculation – Treatment

February 26, 2021


So there are a couple of classes of treatment that could be administered to a man who has premature ejaculation. One is to numb the penis. So you can do that with a topical cream or gelatinous material that’s placed, say, inside of a condom. Sometimes condoms themselves blunt the sexual response, just enough to lengthen the period between onset of erection and ejaculations. There are some medications, not FDA approved, but certain antidepressants will delay an ejaculation, sometimes longer than even as desired, but sometimes just the right amount. And then finally, some behavioral techniques, probably the most successful of which is called the squeeze technique. So a man becomes aroused and he feels like he’s going to ejaculate, is to squeeze the head of the penis and also put some fingers up behind the scrotum to sort of compress the urethra and limit the blood supply to the head of the penis. This is usually just enough to cause the erection to subside a little bit. And then upon resumption of activity, the same process is applied as long as is necessary. And over time, repetitive squeeze techniques can prolong the duration of the erection prior to ejaculations. Another element of this course is the psychological element. Sometimes frank conversation with a partner is helpful and like any other sexual disturbance, if you will, maybe counseling with a counselor, who’s got some expertise in psychosexual counseling, might be a value as well.

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