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Priapism – Medication Treatment

December 15, 2020


Medications do play a role in the treatment of priapism. In one scenario on the way to the hospital, doctor might prescribe something over the counter, like the cold remedy Sudafed, just to start the process of reducing the erection on the way to the hospital. But this alone typically is not enough in rare cases of recurrent priapism that starts and stops and continues in that fashion. Rarely doctors will prescribe a type of strong hormone therapy called androgen deprivation therapy to stop a recurrent priapism. But the most common scenario in which medications are required is a medication. The so-called antidote that brings the erection down is injected into the penis directly into the erection chamber, which restores blood flow in the penis to normal and allows to trapped poorly oxygenated blood in the erection chambers to get out.

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