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Prostate Cancer – Therapy

February 26, 2021


Men whose prostate cancers are intermediate in risk or even high in risk, as long as they’re still confined to the prostate, could be candidates for more definitive therapy, either radiation or sort of surgical options. Radiation can be delivered in several formats. It can be delivered in tiny little pellets or seeds. It can be delivered from the outside in, intensity modulated, radiation therapy, or external beam therapy, or sort of an intermediate blend of what we call HDR, high dose radiation that doesn’t leave those seeds behind. Still a form of brachytherapy just like the seeds. For patients who are interested in a more involved procedure, prostate can be removed. Typically these days with the assistance of a robotic technique. On the other hand, some prefer not to have their prostates removed and some are candidates for procedures like cryotherapy, which is freezing of the prostate or high intensity focused ultrasound, which is a therapy delivered from a transrectal ultrasound beam that’s focused with a transducer to take little tiny bits of energy and move throughout the prostate to kill the gland.

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