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Prostate Cancer – Treatment

February 1, 2021


“What is the treatment for prostate cancer? If prostate cancer is going to be treated in a metastatic or spread setting, it’s always going to involve something called ADT, which stands for androgen deprivation therapy. And basically that means that your body is going to be starved of any circulating testosterone, because it’s the testosterone that a newly diagnosed prostate cancer really feeds off on to grow. The thing that may be underrepresented is the amount of side effects you can have from ADT. And it’s something that’s very important to discuss and be open about with your primary doctor, as well as your oncologist. Some of the major problems, for one, depression is certainly pretty prominent with ADT and sometimes requires an antidepressant, especially at the beginning to help you through it. Of course, the hot flashes. It can have problems with erection and libido. It could give you really low energy.

It can develop what’s called gynecomastia or breast tissue in males. So it’s very important to talk about the psychological headspace ADT, because there are measures that can be taken: extra medications to reduce the breast tissue or things to help erections and libido. The only way to do those things is to talk to your doctor. So I really encourage my patients to tell me because the whole purpose is to increase, you know, overall survival and time in this world. But quality is just as important. So if you’re not able to do and enjoy the things that you like, then if we have measures enable you to have those things, it’s definitely something worth talking about.”

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