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Prostate Procedure – Recovery

February 24, 2021


"Recovery from prostate procedures is of course dependent on which procedure we're referring to. The procedure with the shortest period of recovery would be the UroLift procedure, causes three to seven days of irritating things like urinary burning, urgency, frequency, et cetera. Part of the second longest recovery is probably attributed to the Resume procedure, which causes similar symptoms that last longer because heat is dissipating over time. And finally recovery, if we call it, the strictest form of recovery is the rest and lack of heavy lifting that follows the Turp procedure out of concern for delayed bleeding. And that can be up to four to six weeks. So surgeons are different about their interests and follow up. In my practice, once I performed a procedure, specifically UroLift on a patient, I like to keep them in the practice. Others will see a patient a couple of times after procedure, send them back to their primary care. My hope is that a patient who's already part of the practice will have very little trouble getting in if he has troubles. And so I make myself available in that way. I think patients have a lot to do with their own recovery, and things that can improve the recovery process: remain hydrated, don't get constipated, stay away from irritants in the diet and procedures that could require a fair amount of bleeding, like Turp surgery, relaxation, and avoidance of lifting anything heavier than say 10 or 15 pounds for several weeks, is probably in the patient's best interest as well."

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