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PTSD – Holistic Therapies

December 16, 2020


Oftentimes in medicine, when we speak about patients recuperating from traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder, we use the term holistic medicine, which is incorporating the mind, the body and the spirit altogether. And one of the great ways to do that is through an exercise program, either by yourself or with your family, or even with your friends on Zoom, it can be as simple as working out and doing calisthenics. It can be running in nature or hiking in nature. All of those reconnect a lot of the different parts of the brain. You can dance because music therapy is one of those holistic methods that we use that reconnects multiple parts of the brain, and also improves your balance. There are such things as mindfulness therapy or transcendental meditation, which kind of brings the spirit involved, gives you that stillness to kind of reassess where you are right now and realize that you are making progress every single day. And in order to write down that progress, be sure to keep a journal, always write down at least several positive things that happened during the day. And you can see after about a week or two weeks, how you actually are getting better bit by bit. Those are very positive strides that you can take to bring the whole body, mind, and soul together for recovery.

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