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PTSD – Medication

December 16, 2020


Currently, there are about 16 different medications that are utilized for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. And like individuals who have a traumatic brain injury folks who have PTSD really should have very minimal drug dosages, and they should be titrated or evaluated by a physician every two to four weeks at the very maximum. For someone who is going through all of these changes with the chemicals in their brains, the classes for PTSD include, like the class of drugs that is antidepressants or those that are anti-anxiety medications and some others that are utilized for sleep. But you have to be very careful not to use too many of the anti-psychotic medications, which are also sometimes prescribed for folks with post-traumatic stress disorder. The reason being is that many of these drugs can have very serious side effects. Definitely their side effects are addictive. And so you don’t want somebody on multiple medications at a time. That is why there are certain therapies that go along with these meds in order to help folks with PTSD and TBI, to be able to use medications, minimally and therapies maximally.

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