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PTSD – Never Been The Same

December 15, 2020


Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has suffered a very traumatic event, a life threatening event, and people around them would say, you know, they’ve just never been the same. That is a person who develops such severe post traumatic stress disorder that it actually overcame their life. And we want to prevent that from happening, but know that it is very important that this particular type of an injury to the brain, to the psyche, to the body, can lead to a lifetime of destructive behaviors, such as alcoholism. And just think of it. You’re trying to just drown out the incident or, or using drugs, or some people become bulemic or others become stress eaters and very obese and have all sorts of health problems as well. So this is something that if you know someone in your family or a friend or somebody in the community who suffers an event, please try to get them help as soon as possible. Because definitely these destructive behaviors are very common with someone who has developed a post-traumatic stress disorder chemical imbalance in the brain as a result of a major traumatic incident in their life.

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