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PTSD – Statistics

December 16, 2020


It’s estimated that about 7 to 8% of individuals in the United States will develop at least a brief course of post-traumatic stress disorder sometime in their life. And at any one point in time about 8 million Americans are being treated either by medication or by therapy or by a combination of both in some countries. The incidence is lower such as in Australia, in many of the European countries, however, in 2020, because of the risk of COVID 19, which is a definite perceived threat to your safety, the incidence of PTSD has increased greatly. And you can understand why in a combat situation, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, our military personnel have an incidence of about 25 to 30% because of the constant threat. Likewise, if you are a first responder, if you are putting your life on the line, in law enforcement, in firefighting or in the first responders that we have now witnessed in our hospitals, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the incidents will be much greater.

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