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PTSD – Therapies

December 16, 2020


There are several therapy programs specifically for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And I’ve got to say that they are very intense therapies. One of them is called the cognitive processing therapy and it’s like 60 to 90 minutes of processing through what all these reactions are that you were still having from the incident or terrifying event that you witnessed. And these can be very stressful and must be under the control of a physician or a therapist, so that there is very close patient to physician contact. And the same is true with prolonged exposure therapy, which is pretty much like reliving the incident over and over and over again until your body kind of gets used to it. So your brain gets used to it and you begin to downplay it in your list of memory. So, those are two of the more intense therapy specifically for PTSD. There is also a desensitization or an eye movement therapy that also needs to be done under the guise and under the protection of a qualified healthcare professional, but by different eye movements, it could actually help parts of the brain kind of resolve a conflict that is going on as a result of the incident that you faced in and help you get some peace.

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