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Qasim Butt – Video Business Card

March 2, 2021


What’s up San Antonio and the world! I’m Dr. Qasim Butt and I’m a kidney doctor, and I’m here to break down health in a simple way. Now I’m super proud and excited to be a part of the Doctorpedia team, not only as a member, but also as a chief medical officer of the Nephrology channel. Now, just so you know about me, I’m a board certified nephrologist, but also certified in interventional nephrology. That means I can handle dialysis access related issues, such as fistulas, grafts and catheters. What’s cool is that I can not only take on kidney health, but if my patient’s kidney disease progresses and they need dialysis, which is the filtering of blood through an artificial machine, I can help maintain their connection to that dialysis machine, which is something most nephrologists can’t actually do. Now over the years, my passion has shifted to patient education.

What you start to realize when it comes to kidney health, there’s such a fundamental lack of knowledge about the kidneys. You see, if you were told that you had heart disease or cancer, it would scare the crap out of you. But if you were told you had kidney disease, most people are like, “Eh…” But what is funny is that the suffering, the consequences, the death and the cost of kidney disease are astronomical, disproportionately affecting the budgets of Medicare. But I believe things are now changing. People are starting to wake up. And I think we are now entering the decade of the kidney, Medicare, insurance companies, tech, medical device startups, all are shifting their intellectual prowess to kidney health. I’ve got to speak to so many innovators in the kidney space over the last year, and quite honestly, I’m excited. This means better treatment, earlier referrals to kidney doctors, more dialysis at home, more kidney transplants, and quicker development of the artificial kidney. For years now, I’ve been producing kidney health related video content that’s not only easy to understand, but fun and engaging. But I wanna reach even more people, because the key here is awareness and prevention. So do me a favor, please like and share my videos, including this one, but also follow me on different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And again, I’m so excited to be a part of Doctorpedia, a platform that gives doctors the power to educate patients in a reliable way.

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