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Radiology Department – Introduction



The radiology department is a strange place. Eerily quiet halls, large, unbelievably expensive machines with mysterious inner workings that it seems like almost nobody understands… As a patient, maybe you’ll arrive to the radiology department nervous about your test, and maybe you’ll walk out kind of bewildered, looking around, wondering what just happened. I am Dr. Walled and I’m a radiologist. I’m here today with Doctorpedia to try and help patients understand the radiology department a bit more. I want to demystify this experience. So let’s walk through the whole process together. We’ll start with when and why you might be sent here in the first place, and tell you about some of the people you might meet in our department. Also, we’ll make videos about each type of exam separately that you can find elsewhere on Doctorpedia’s site. Those are the modalities like CT scan, MRI ultrasound, and x-ray. We’ll tell you a little bit about what the machines are and what you can expect. So let’s go together and walk through a typical experience in the radiology department.

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