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Radiology Department – Preparation for CT Scan



Well, CT scans can cover a lot of ground. For a lot of CT scans, there is basically no preparation. You just walk into the radiology department, register, go back, get your scan, and then you're done. For some of the CT scans, however, you're going to need a little bit of preparation. And the radiology department will usually contact you and tell you what exactly you need to do. For some radiology scans, you need to fast. So you won't be able to eat for, say, six or eight hours before the exam. It's also important not to be wearing any metal or jewelry when you have a CT scan, because the metal creates a lot of artifact that make the images difficult to see. Generally, when you go to get your CAT scan, the technologist will tell you to remove these items. And usually you'll actually change out of your street clothes anyway, and get into a gown before performing the CT scan.

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