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Reading Disabilities – Associated Conditions

December 21, 2020


Associated features or disabilities along with reading disabilities, we call co-morbidity. So another disability that may be happening the same time as a learning disability often is related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. So we find a lot of our children with a reading disability also may have ADHD or ADD as some people call it if they don’t have the hyperactivity part, another risk factor could be for other learning disabilities, such as a math disability cast, dyscalculia, or written expression disability. So dysgraphia. So, many times children and adults with a reading disability also have other disabilities. The highest ones are the ones I named a math disability, a writing disability or ADHD. Those are the biggest co-morbidity factors or overlying disabilities that exist, which often make learning to read much more difficult. So if you’re having trouble paying attention as an individual with ADHD, then it’s going to make learning to read much more difficult if you’re having trouble writing or that whole motor part with the dysgraphia. Then reading becomes part of that because language and written language are so meshed together.

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