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Reading Disabilities – Diagnosis

December 21, 2020


The way that we confirm that an individual has a reading disability is, often we don’t have clients go for a second opinion. What may happen in the schools is that the parents are not satisfied. They know their child is suffering with reading problems, but they don’t qualify for special education services because maybe their reading is not yet low enough or impaired enough to qualify as a student with a reading disability and special education services. So parents often seek outside services or a private practice like me to confirm a reading disability. So in that way, I would do additional testing to determine that the child does have a reading disability and try to work with the schools so that they do qualify for services. A lot of times too, we might see students who are quite bright and don’t look like they have a reading disability, but there’s a reading rate problem. So that can be confirmed through additional testing. Often, unfortunately it has to be done through private practice because many schools will not do that additional testing if the child is making adequate progress in the school. So even though they may be really working hard and working harder than all of their other peers as reported by their parents, maybe even unfairly working more than, it’s often not recognized by the schools because they are making adequate progress. So parents have to seek outside help.

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