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Reading Disabilities – Extended Time For Slow Readers

December 21, 2020


It’s important to know that when a child is diagnosed with a reading disability, often they may or may not qualify for special education services in the school. So what’s important to know too. And this often happens to my clients that are in high school or college age, particularly junior high and high school age, is they may have a reading disability. And that reading disability is about reading rate so they can read, they can understand what they read, but they read at a much slower rate than their peers. So they don’t really need special education services, like what would be given to them in the public school system, what they need is accommodations so that they can have more time to read and have more time to take tests. That’s what’s really important. And that’s what happens at the college age. So many times schools will report your child does not have a reading disability because their grades are adequate at school, or, you know, they’re just smart kids and they’re able to function, but they still do have a reading disability. They just don’t qualify for special education services because they’re able to complete task and earn good grades despite the slow reading rate.

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