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Reading Disabilities – Insurance

December 21, 2020


Insurance and the diagnosis of a reading disability. So unfortunately many insurance companies do not cover the diagnosis of a reading disability, which falls under the mental health side of the insurance. It doesn’t fall on the medical side. So many times the insurance companies will view that as a school-based problem and that they will say that the schools can cover that. So some insurance companies will not cover a diagnosis of a reading disability, some will. So it’s important for you as a partaker of insurance, that you check that with your insurance provider and see what they will cover, because it really goes the full spectrum. Some will cover it very thoroughly and some won’t cover it at all. Sometimes we get around it and there may be a student who’s having trouble with depression or anxiety or some other things which are secondary to maybe their reading disability. So we look at the primary cause, which is a reading disability, but it may be causing symptoms related to anxiety and depression. So sometimes we can play around with insurance a little bit if we’ve got two different diagnoses going together, but that can also be dangerous because if we don’t come up with a diagnosis of anxiety or depression, as it’s related to reading disability, then of course you are responsible for paying for that evaluation, which in private practice can be quite expensive.

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