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Reading Disabilities – Overview

December 21, 2020


So, what is a reading disability? Often called dyslexia, a reading disability is the difficulty in rapid word reading or decoding or reading quickly and easily, which often compromises reading comprehension. So the way we look at reading disabilities often is in three different sections. One, the ability to read words or decode quickly and easily. Second, the ability to read words fluently and rapidly. And finally, the third section of reading disabilities is reading comprehension. Some children and adults have trouble with reading words and reading words quickly and easily, but once they have that, they can comprehend and understand what they’re reading. Other children have the ability to read words fluently and can understand what they’re reading, but their reading rate is impaired so often they just need more time in reading the same thing that their peers would be reading. A lot of times we see children who are diagnosed with a reading disability or also called dyslexia are diagnosed with a reading disability. We can help them in many ways and catch them up to their peers in many of their reading skills. But what happens in adulthood is they still tend to be slower readers than their peers.

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