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Reading Disabilities – Pediatrics Psychology Associates

December 21, 2020


Hi, I’m Dr. Janice Sammons. I am part of a practice called pediatric psychology associates. We specialize here in children, adolescents, and young adults. Although we also see older adults, if they’re having trouble with reading or learning or thinking about going back to college or schooling of some kind. I specialize in reading disabilities, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, seizure disorders, and traumatic brain injuries. My colleague, Dr. Janna Kautz, specializes in autism. She also has a great background in emotional behavioral disorders as a special education teacher. And then my other colleague, Dr. Kristen Thompson is schooled in lots of different areas. She has a lot of psychiatric background, works with juveniles from detention centers. So what’s nice about our practice is that we have this wide variety of expertise. So we get to say yes to many, many different kinds of questions of parents that come in to here. If it’s not an area that I’m particularly skilled at, then I can refer to my colleagues. So we work together and it’s a great practice. We see children ages two all the way through adults, particularly for adults that are thinking about going back to school, even though we’re called a pediatric practice, that’s our specialty. We actually specialize in those things that you’re most doing as a child. And that’s learning, learning to read all of those things.

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