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Reading Disabilities – Symptoms

December 21, 2020


Signs and symptoms of dyslexia or reading disability can occur in children in their early language development. Many times we see children are late in developing their expressive skills or even articulation. So they, while we do learn how to articulate words all the way through first grade, some children may keep those articulation problems like the L’s and the R’s later into life. And that can be a sign that reading is also going to be a problem. We see in adults or later learners that they just are phonetic spellers, or they spell words just the way they sound and that’s all, they can’t remember what the words look like. That’s another sign, just struggling to learn sounds of the language or having trouble with rhymes can also be assigned for children. Many times we see in adults that they will get words that are similar, mixed up like, or they’ll mispronounce words like spaghetti or pascetti or libary or library. And they mix those up. And those are little subtle signs in language development that can be hints, that reading may be difficult for some learners. Additional signs and symptoms of a reading disability can be difficulty in organizing written and oral language. Can also be a difficulty memorizing math facts or understanding the written word. So all of these can be little indicators that reading is going to be problematic for a learner.

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