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Rotator Cuff Tear – Risk Factors

February 17, 2022


Some of the risk factors for rotator cuff tears are age. We know that as patients age, they have a higher incidence of having a rotator cuff tear. So for example, a 60-year-old is much less likely to have a tear than an 80 year old. And we know that as we age, these tears become more common. This is probably an effect just of use of the shoulder over time. Other risk factors are people that do manual labor, people that like painters or plumbers that use their hands to make a living, have greater wear and tear on their shoulder, and typically can develop these tears over time. Other professions, like professional athletes, for example, baseball pitchers that do a lot of throwing are also at risk for having rotator cuff tears develop over time. Rotator cuff tears typically develop later in life, usually after age 40. Again, and this is likely due to just wear and tear on the shoulder.

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