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Rubaiya Mallay – Video Business Card

September 30, 2021


Hi, I’m Dr. Rubaiya Mallay. I am a rheumatologist. I work in Suncoast Internal Medicine Consultants, SIMC for short. I have done all my training at Suncoast with the HCA Largo Medical Hospital. So I did my residency in internal medicine and my fellowship at the same location. And I stayed to work here as well. So I really like this area. I like the patients that I work with. I also am part of the teaching program now, so I get to give back. So I work with students, residents, and fellows, and it’s been just a wonderful experience to continue teaching rheumatology and learning as well. At Suncoast, we are a multi-specialty group, so we have both internal medicine, GI, as well as rheumatology. And we have multiple doctors, we have residents and fellows as well. And in our practice, we really have a lot of things we provide for the patient.

Obviously you get to see the doctors, but we also have for rheumatology patients where we have physical therapy, we also have an infusion suite, and it’s really nice that we have x-ray imagings that the doctors read themselves. We can also do MRIs and bone densities at our office. Me personally, I really like to do procedures. I like to help my patients if they’re in pain. I think it’s very gratifying to have them while you’re hobbling and walk out with a smile. So I do a lot of procedures under ultrasound. I do joint injections. We also have PRP for our patients. We do viscosupplementation for knee pain. I’ve started using Botox for neck pain as well. That’s been really, really helpful. I’ve done carpal tunnel injections as well, and that really helps patients avoid surgery, if we can kind of alleviate the pain while they’re at the office. My passion for rheumatology and medicine in general has just really fulfilled my intellectual curiosity.

I love to see my patients in rheumatology because we get to have a really good relationship with our patients. It’s a chronic disease and it requires a lot of monitoring. And one of my big things for my patients is that I want my patients to be empowered about their own disease state. I want them to be as educated on their disease state so they can also help me help them. So the more the patient can come back and tell me about their symptoms of what has changed, the more we can work together and get them the therapy that they need. I am really, as I said before, I really like my patients to kind of be part of the team. So it’s not just me making decisions for them, but we make decisions together.

And in that way, I’m listening to my patients, listening to what they want, to be comfortable with what therapies we’re choosing and together I have have wonderful relationships with my patients and we have been in this journey together, as we try different medications, different procedures to have the patients have the best quality of life possible. My spare time is very little, but I try to make the most of it like everybody else. I have two little munchkins that pretty much take all my afternoon, running around the house, all their sports activities. I also love to garden. I love to decorate. I love to shop. So those are the things that I like to do in my spare time.

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