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Sciatica – Home Remedies

February 2, 2022


Many times people will ask, “what can I try it at home?” Over the counter, anti-inflammatories, Ibuprofen, naproxen. Those are choices. Make sure you don’t have a bleeding problem or you don’t have an ulcer before you try that. But generally you could try that for a week or so and see if things get better if it’s not bothering you a lot. Some people will ask about alternative treatments and unfortunately there’s not a big scientific literature about that. A lot of it is what we call anecdotal. Someone tries something and says, “that worked for me.” That may or may not work for you. Unfortunately for acupuncture, it’s very difficult to know. When Nixon came back from China, he brought back acupuncture with him and we think that the patients who do best with acupuncture are the same patients who do best with hypnosis. So the data on the acupuncture situation and how it will treat Sciatica varies enormously from patient to patient.

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