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Scrotal Masses – Overview

January 23, 2021


Before we can delve into masses within the scrotum. Let’s first review. What is contained in the normal male scrotum? Essentially three structures are found and most of us know, at least about the testicle. The testicle on each side is an oval and smooth structure, generally soft. And it of course is where the sperm and also testosterone are produced. Additionally, the epididymis sits behind the scrotum. It feels a little worm-like in its configuration, and it transports the sperm from the testicle, processes it, and delivers the sperm to the vas deferens. The vas deferens is a hollow tube and through the vas deferens, sperm are transported into a portion of the prostate gland and then expelled to the outside world. The vas deferens is part of the spermatic cord. Spermatic cord is what attaches the testicle to the human body. It contains muscle blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and also the vas deferens.

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